Brief introduction of us is Nonprofit organization International friendship club is an Osaka-based international friendship intercultural as well as language exchange group approved by Osaka municipal government. We meet regularly to enjoy communication and making new friends of many nationalities. We especially welcome newcomers because we believe that international communication is the basis for a better world.

Recently we have had many parties, including a Halloween party, a Christmas party, a BBQ and Cherry Blossom Viewing. Currently we have over 100 friends. We are an organization based in the Kansai area of Japan (Osaka and surrounding prefectures) for people interested in things International related matter, Intercultural Experience, Studying a Language. We welcome all nationalities to our Parties/Events. Our next event will be a Soon!. If you are interested in attending, wish to receive more information about us, or wish to learn more about upcoming events, Please check our website.



Many of us are Japanese college/university students (over 50%) and there are some Asians, (Taiwanese, and Chinese, Hong Kong, and Korean, sometime Vietnamese show up. Or it depends on the event, but recently some middle Asians, such as Malaysians, Middle Eastern are coming.) And a few Caucasians, (westerns, from North America, Aussies, or Europeans).

Foreigners who are coming to our event are mostly overseas students, who are studying Japanese, or tourism, designing and so on, some is coming as a working holiday visa and lives in Osaka.


Our targeted audience is younger generations (in our 20’s). We would like to give those youngsters, dream for the world as well as enhancing mutual understanding across border regardless nationalizes, race. INEXS have various unique International events, for example, SWEETS Barbecue party.