This corporation carries on business about mutual understanding with foreign countries based on an international exchange, a different culture exchange and a language study exchange to the youth bed where I live at the Kansai area, and supports young people aiming at studying abroad and a working holiday as well as has for its object to offer a place by the Japanese culture introduction to a foreigner, the understanding to a different culture, the skill rise of language study and the relieved safe exchange with a foreigner and Japanese and contribute to international upbringing of human resources.

Why does life coaching work so well?

We live in Osaka metropolitan district mainly in Japan current as of the globalization and the folk diversification.
Youth layer, international exchange activity to a student and the child rearing generation, exchange with a foreigner in Japan and friendship
The mutual understanding and the language study exchange which bring O planning and international human resources up, and are a different culture, with a gist.
It's done.

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